How many of you are using Offline to promote your online business

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I'm wondering how many people are integrating offline marketing to promote your website?

Is it working for you, and what type of offline marketing are you using?
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    I have tried it a few times but the results were pretty poor. I think if you promote offlline your call to action must be offline for decent results.
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    I've advertised in magazines and newspapers. Direct mail is the best in my opinion but you have to do mailings multiple times to the same list for best results.

    I recently blanketed a few streets with door hangers. Pretty decent results.

    I'm always experimenting in different areas of offline marketing. Anyone else?
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    Didn't I read this same question in a thread a few days ago?
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    Offline marketing for online business's is one of the elements to reach 7 figure incomes. But of course you need to do this correctly to profit. Test different sources.

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