ArticleMarketer is getting RIDICULOUS (Rant)

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I'm pretty upset with the last few weeks.
I don't know how many of you guys use them, but they are an article distribution service.

I love their distribution because I instantly get like 300+ sometime 600+ backlinks from just one article. And the traffic is also pretty darn good.

But lately I'm getting freaking fed up with their review process.
If you make ONE SIMPLE mistake on your article like a hardline break somewhere in the copy, your article is listed as problematic. Now when you submit the article it says the article will be distributed the next day.

Now when they spot a tiny problem, they hold your article until you fix it.
If you fix it within a few hours after the mistake has been spotted, you can still get your article distributed the next day.

But then they flag my article AGAIN. And this time it's because there is one (unbiased) .com url. I explained keyword research and wish to point people to wordtrackers free tool. They FLAG the article and I have to remove the .com. Oh , and it seems I was just too late. Now I have to wait another entire DAY before my article will be distributed. Yes folks, it has been put into a later timeslot.

Incredible enough, the day the article is suppose to be published...they flag it AGAIN!! Guess what, this time it's because I have yet another line break somewhere in the article. Guess what happens? You guessed right! The article is moved to be published the NEXT day!!!

They are suppose to have this "diamond review process" which is a software or something that scans your articles and then shows the mistakes.

Then they have EDITORS who go through your articles. It's the darn editors who flagged my article the whole time. I'm talking about a 1100 word article here.

They KNOW there is more than 1 mistake but only bother to mention one!
Why don't they mention all the mistakes? I'll tell you why, it's their way of slowing down the distribution of articles on their site.

I generally write articles without incurring any problems whatsoever. I never get articles flagged at EZ so I know the rules.

Anybody else have the same irritating problem?
Please share your thoughts.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kyle L Hannah
    Yes, I deal with similar problems at AM. They want to maintain their rep for the article sites so these sites will continue to allow them to distribute in such a manner.

    Once they start to cut back on their strict policies, then the sites aren't as friendly anymore, etc.

    It's essentially to protect themselves, but I agree it does get irritating.
  • Profile picture of the author jaihyppo
    Yup. I do face same problem as lavidaloca.

    I can't complain about the result that AM is producing because it does a remarkable job in distributing my articles.

    But the review process is RIDICULOUS. Some of my articles got through with no problem but some simply can't.

    The most frustrating of all that AM mentioned that my articles has some grammatical errors on it. Yeah right... I have submitted these articles to the granddaddy of them all which is with no problem whatsoever. In fact, I usually check my articles carefully for grammatical errors and I also used some expensive software to check my errors.

    I believe AM check our article using some software or something and I must say their software is a BS.
    • Profile picture of the author lavidaloca
      If only they had a faster support system then issues like this can be solved quicker. But their ticket system is pretty slow.

      I'm not planning on canceling my membership because I value the effect the distribution has, but I'm not getting my money's worth here because I'm literally battling to get the damn things approved even though as you said jaihyppo, they pass easily at EzineArticles.
  • Profile picture of the author Michael Silvester
    Hi Mate,

    I dont see what the problem is?

    All this is part of article just damn lucky
    that you dont have to make multiple edits across all 300
    article sites.

    Can you imagine that...submitting your article to 300
    article sites and finding out that 50 werent approved
    because of "Something".

    Chill out man...editing the article a couple of times
    at the source is way better than the alternative.

    I dunno what your complaining about? All you have
    to do is follow their simple rules.

    So it all boils down to this: ->Write Better Articles<-

    Take Care,

    Michael Silvester
  • Profile picture of the author lavidaloca
    Dude, you just said "write better articles". I had 2 line breaks and referred to one unbiased domain. What does that have to do with writing better articles? If the editors pointed out the 3 mistakes at once then I would have been happy, but they drag out the approval process. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one with this problem.

    And for your information, AM does not distribute to many ARTICLE DIRECTORIES. They send your article to webmasters and aggregators which then post the article on sites automatically.
    • Profile picture of the author theredcell
      Well, I think you guys have made up my mind in reference to this software. I was thinking over the last several days that I need to get a better handle on my article marketing but I definitely dont have time for their customer service support issues.

      If an article has problems and needs corrections, ok but submitting 4 times over multiple days..unacceptable...

  • Profile picture of the author doc_web
    I was thinking of joining the ArticleMarketer or isnare but I am getting concerned after reading this post.


    Do you see results for articles which are submitted?
    • Profile picture of the author Allen Graves
      Originally Posted by doc_web View Post

      I was thinking of joining the ArticleMarketer or isnare but I am getting concerned after reading this post.


      Do you see results for articles which are submitted?

      I would like to hear from anyone who claims to see results from these services. I have asked over and over again and only once, about 3 months ago has anyone responded with actual proof that they are getting something out of it. Cold hard facts and data...anybody?


      p.s. LOL - Anyone want to guess my stance on submission services?
  • Profile picture of the author Gunter Eibl
    Who of you is using both, isnare and articlemarketer and can tell me which one you prefer?


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