Aussies - best wireless pc mic that records?

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Hi everyone,

I'm after a really good quality wireless pc mic that I can record audio with to add to videos.

Any suggestions of brands, prices, where to get them at a good price is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day.


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    Hi Colleen,

    I have been searching for something like
    this for ages. I'd love to hear if there is
    any thing out there that is better than
    what I have found.

    I did find a company that does do a wireless
    headset that has headphones and mike built
    in. But there was a massive waiting list of

    I'll be keeping an eye on this thread

    Take Care,

    Michael Silvester
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    I would look at Bluetooth headsets.

    Check out all the local Geek Gadget suppliers - Mr Gadget, Press Digital, Expansys etc.

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