How to keep your PC running efficiently

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I just updated my blog with a few tips you guys might be interested in if you're running windows and need to keep your business computer running efficiently. The post needs links, but for the moment you can google for the software I recommend. I might make a Mac post later, but this is a start. Hope you enjoy.

10 Tips For Windows Nirvana

(Admins: I'm not marketing anything at my blog yet, this is pure information.)
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  • Profile picture of the author Sean A McAlister
    Why are you not monetizing your blog?

  • Profile picture of the author xmx
    Interesting post.
    Thanks for sharing, I will have to try some of the tools
    you suggest on your blog. They could be useful.


    • Profile picture of the author Dan Maloney
      Because I just started, and I don't really know much about monitization yet ) I'm a noob, so I decided to start getting my name out by offering useful original content.

      If anyone has any questions about the post, feel free to ask.

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