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I have a site / domain (First Date Idea) which would be ideal for the dating industry. I've had the domain for some time, and started with an ebook and sales page on the site. It sold details of over 100 ideas for a first date.

I sold a few copies, but nothing much.

I then turned the site into a blog, added a few posts and got some traffic. I had Adsense on the site, but no income. I have now rebuilt the site using XSitePro, with a few articles on there.

I get good search engine ranking in Google for "first date ideas" (#17 out of over 13million results).

The site got over 1300 visits in August, and has had over 1600 in September so far.

I'm still getting no income from Adsense.

Ok, I admit the site's not pretty at the moment, and that could help, but now I'm wondering whether I should turn the site into a forum.

Ultimately, I want to sell the site and domain, so I don't want to spend money and too much time on this site. Although I do want to show it making some money so it's worth more when I sell it.

Has anyone got any bright ideas how I can quickly 'flip' this site without too much effort?

Thanks in advance.
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    where is the link to your site please?
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    It's in my post above, but the link is First Date Ideas - First Date Ideas.

    Many thanks.
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    Hi Roger,

    What about making it pretty first?

    I know dating sites are professionally done and really appealing to the customers.

    Personally I dont have much experience with dating sites and I suggest you can give it a nice makeover before marketing it.

    My 2 cents,
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    Ok, I've made a few minor changes to the site, and it's coming along. I still have some work to do.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good dating affiliate program? Could be ebooks / reports / matchmaking etc. Anything that could be related. If it's your product, let me know.

    I have a Clickbank account, and have looked through the Marketplace, but nothing really jumped out at me.

    Does anyone have experience wth the Double Your Dating affiliate program?

    Thanks in advance.
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    my advice?
    turn this into a catch page (i NEVER KNOW THE RIGHT TERMS)
    Send out weekly first date ideas using your list
    and sell affliate stuff alongside the ideas.
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    Ok, I've redesigned the site a little, and have added a Clickbank product. Search engine traffic is increasing, so fingers crossed!

    Also, started creating an aptly names Squidoo lens, which I'll sell with the site when it goes.
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    Ok, sorry to keep 'bumping' this thread.

    I am getting hops to the Clickbank product, but it's not converting yet.

    Does anyone have a dating / relationship / seduction product that would fit this site that I can either purchase PLR to, or affiliate with?

    Perhaps also a confidence ebook or something similar.
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      I made alot of money back in 03 promoting adult friend finder through You could try that
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    I have a dating type affiliate program in my sig.
    I catch people cheating on dating sites.
    But you could run a report on them before a first date and see if they are on a gay site or some fetish site that you would not be interested in dating.

    Just a thought.
    Or you could offer a background report. If you're interested I can custom taylor a background report just for your visitors.

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