UK Warriors... accounting - where has this been all my life?

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I've been looking for an accountant, and accounting software and kept running up against "what is PayPal" - doing manual accounting is beginning to get tiresome - so I did a quick google search and found

KashFlow Small Business Accounting Software - Mac and Windows (no aff)

I had a couple of presales queries and called them to clarify a few things and their staff were very knowledgeable.

I believe I have found the solution I need...

It might be worth a look.

Kindest regards,
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    That's a great find Karl.

    The PayPal integration is the bit that could clinch it. Might not use it just now but I'll be keeping it in mind at year end.

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      I've found one drawback, which I'm going to talk to an accountant about - you can only have one default currency. Once I've got today's graphics out of the way, I'm going to have a play around.

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