USPS - anyone know how to get a PERSON on the phone?

by Rob D 6 replies
As per the title. I have a package I am desperately waiting on that I am trying to track. The online tracking tells me it cleared Australian customs on the 21st. I emailed support and they tell me it cleared NZ customs on the 21st. As most Americans can't tell New Zealand from Australia I really need confirmation of where the heck it is. If it's in NZ then I should have a new tracking number for local delivery.

So - anyone know how to get a person on the phone at USPS?
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    Call the number provided but do not press any buttons when prompted. That got me a live person here in the US.

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      thanks I'll give it a whirl.

      Another frustration is all the numbers are US toll free - something you have to jump through a few hoops to dial from overseas. So far they aren't getting a good CS report from me.

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  • Another option, which works with a lot of companies, is to push zero repeatedly on the main menu. That often bypasses the menu and gets a real human.
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    Originally Posted by Rob D View Post

    If it's in NZ then I should have a new tracking number for local delivery.
    Generally, once a USPS package gets to a foreign country, the USPS disavows all knowledge of it becuase it's in the hands of the foreign postal system.
    Even if you did get through to a real live person, they probaby won't have an answer for you.
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  • normally, pressing zero gets you to a "human being" in most hotlines. you may also try to visit a local USPS branch to get better help. i hope you get you package soon...
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    Well after many hoops I managed to talk to a person. Needed to say operator after entering the tracking number. Fat lot of good a person did. They still can't tell me what country it is in.

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