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I have been trying several different methods to drive traffic to my site including squidoo, blog posts and pings, yahoo answers etc. So far the results have been dismal. I have made one sale in the past week....

But I know that article marketing is probably the most powerful method, especially for my niche. I have been writing articles and submitting them to a few different sites...but my question is how many articles do you need to submit to other article directories to get the same amount of traffic that one artice on EZA will get you?

I have been submitting unique articles to goarticles, article base, article alley and idea marketers but not a lot of click throughs and very little traffic. I have been waiting FOREVER for ezine to approve my other submissions.

Is there a ratio of how many for other directories compared to Ezine? Just curious.

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    Article marketing takes time. I cannot determine how long you've been at it by your post but patience comes in handy when you are doing AM, payback is a bit longer (over PPC anyway) but you are growing a better foundation.

    I can only speak from my experience. EZA is really the only article directory I work with. I've tried others but none match EZA...

    Good news is once you hit the 10 article mark, you can apply for Platinum status. Things are approved much quicker. In most cases I get my articles approved in less than 2 days, many times same day!
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    What do you mean apply for platinum status? Am I missing something here..I currently have 19 live articles on Ezine and am considered a basic plus member. Here is the information that I found on FAQ on the site about levels.

    What are the different membership statuses?

    There are three levels of membership at - Basic, Basic Plus & Platinum. All new members start at the Basic level with 10 initial article submission credits. Once these initial 10 have been submitted, our staff will then review the account for possible upgrade to Basic Plus or Platinum Level. The decision to upgrade is based primarily on whether or not the initial 10 articles submitted have adhered to our Editorial Guidelines and the general content of the articles.

    Basic PLUS membership level is given to authors whose initial articles have not consistently adhered to our Editorial Guidelines but the articles still have good quality content. This membership level allows for an additional 25 more submissions. Once these 25 submissions have been used, we will review the account for further upgrade.

    Platinum Status allows for unlimited article submission. This membership level is given to Basic members whose initial 10 articles have adhered to our Editorial Guidelines and to Basic PLUS members whose 25 additional submissions have kept to those guidelines.

    The best way to reach Platinum level right away is to review our Editorial Guidelines BEFORE you start submitting articles and then adhere to them with your articles.

    The way I read it Ezine just picks and chooses who it wants to be platinum. I have never had a problem getting my articles accepted. I have never went against the guidelines that I am aware of so why am I not platinum? I didn't think my writing sucked that bad.

    Is there a place where I need to apply for platinum status or is it just up to the editors who they choose?

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    go to and compare the traffic details of the top article directories. You'll see that there is no way around ezinearticles when it comes to traffic.

    Beside submitting to EZA, a second and additional (!) method is mass submission of your articles. Ideally a unique version to each directory.

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    Maybe I will try to send them an email and ask for platinum status to see if that make a difference.


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