Too Much Traffic from Google - not articles

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I have now been writng articles for 3 months in 4 niches. I am getting 20 -60 daily unique visitors to each site but most of these are coming from google. I was expecting all my traffic to come from the articles rather than google.

The split is about 75% google, 20% ezine articles, 5% other

The benefit of this is that I know what keywords people are finding me with. But how come the articles are not outperforming google?
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    It may be due to more backlinks to your website. Do you have some backlinks to your site?
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      I have a few backlinks to each site but I haven't really done much of that yet as I do not fully understand it
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    Are you saying the articles are being found in Google then coming to you?

    Or is your site listed in Google and they are coming to you that way.

    Very interesting.

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    It may be due to the backlinks but anyway why are you complaining that your website actually outperforms the arcticle sites? Isn't it the ideal scenario?
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      Hi Sparrow

      I am saying they are coming direct to my sites from google.
      Google analytics shows me on a graph where the traffic comes from.

      I am not complaining - its just with all the ra ra ra stuff about articles I was expecting more than google.

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