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So about a month ago i started a social network with the free networking website ning.

If any of you are familiar with they allow you to make a social networking site using there software.

Anyway i started the site and i am doing pretty well. The site has been up for 28 days and already has 350+ members but im not going to lie ive put in a good hour every day getting these members to my site.

Any way they allow you to put google adsense ads on your social network but it cost 20 dollars a month so i was thinking about putting a couple of the google adsense videos on my site because i think that would attract the most people to click them.

But im wondering with the amount of traffic im getting which is in the picture below around 200 unique visitors a day can i actually make back the 20 dollars i have to pay to put the ads up and make profit.

If you guys have any suggestions to how i can be profitable i would really appreciate it.

This is the website: Gamer-book

- Eric
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    here the picture of the last week of stats forgot to ad that in the post
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    what do u guys think?
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      I've been studying ning for awhile. I like it but haven't figured it out yet...

      If you've got 350 'active users' that come back again and again, for god's sake spend the $20 for at least three months and see if it pays for itself. If you can't afford to go $60 out of pocket to test that you're not ready yet.

      Sell some ad blocks down that right hand side and then ditch their ads and do your own. And while you're at it pay the extra and get your own domain name put on it. Just be sure to tell your group.

      You can always sell add space on widgets in the left sidebar, or even under their adds on the right sidebar.

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    there has to be a way to draw those people into buying something. I would do it in a very soft sale consultative type of way.

    That is pretty fast growth for a ning site from what I have seen in joining a few social marketing type of ning sites.

    I would jump on the 20 bux deal. You have more control of other aspects of how the site operates too, if I remember correctly.

    I believe you can email all the members too, but I think you would want to have them opt in to some sort of niche related news letter.

    Like I said there must something those people would love to buy from you. You have an almost captive audience. As long as you provide value and are not too pushy you should become a total mega marketer in time.

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