Poll: Should Article Directories Just Fix Simple Mistakes?

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I am wondering what you thoughts are on this.

If an article directory is reviewing your article and they come across something like a simple accidental misspelling or a missing word or something...perhaps misuse of the word their, they're or there...or maybe a missing letter like in the first sentence of this post.

Would you prefer the directory editor simply fix it and approve your article or decline it and let you know why.

Some may say just to fix it, while others may WANT to know of the mistake so they don't continue submitting it incorrectly elsewhere.

What are your thought?

Thanks for your help!

Allen Graves
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    What a nice idea...

    It would be nice if they did both... sent a quick email saying.

    "Hey _______, we noticed a couple of errors in the grammar on your article __________, to save you having to edit and resubmit - we made the amendment for you.

    Here's a list of the things we altered:


    Kindest regards,
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    I think the only real answer is to reject, even if it is minor. I don't like it, but it's the way it has to work. If you don't reject it, they'll just do it over and over again.
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    What do you two feel about it being accepted and you getting an email?


    I'm just talking about honest mistakes. If someone is doing it all the time, that's different, but for those who submit great stuff on a regular basis...

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    this just happened to me and you know what, I think it is GREAT. Due to the fact I had the same article submitted to your directory, in wait for review with EZA and on my blog. It allowed me a quick fix of it all in those places ensuring they are all correct. All I have to say is it is a great idea and much appreciated.

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    and are we going to pay themfor that?

    I dunno,it's a good idea in theory but how many simple mistakes would they allow? what if they start with one or two, then it goes to three,four

    I like the idea of reasons though eg:

    your article was not accepted because grammatical errors/ spelling mistakes/ complete pile of crap....
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      It should be fairly easy to implement on the back-end and not involve too much extra work...

      Would require customisation of your script to allow it to track the changes automatically and email the writer, without the reviewer having to type/copy & paste into a new email. A VERY GOOD programmer could even have the script identify the specific words that have been changed for inclusion in the email - which would be automatically generated and sent after review.
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    The only real option they have is to inform and reject. Making corrections sounds nice but if they start making corrections, where do they draw the line?

    They are asking authors to create and submit quality content.
    Quality content should already be proofed and ready to go, IMO.

    If they want to offer a paid proofing service like ideamarketers.com, that would be an option.

    But suppose the directory spots an error, makes the correction, and then the author goes off about the directory making "corrections" that changed the context, meaning, intent, etc....

    I think their best bet is to reject and inform. Then the author can take care of it. This lays all the liability squarely on the author's shoulders which is where it should be.
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      If Article Directories start fixing mistakes without informing the author of the article they would lose control of the article. I would be upset if someone changed part of one of my articles. I would rather have an article rejected for me to correct, than for someone else to do it.

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    I would say approve the article then give you 3 days to fix it or it wil be taken down.

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      My personal opinion is that it would be fine to do, as long as you let the person know about it.

      But, I don't think it would always work. This is my thinking, and I might be totally wrong here.

      I think when someone is running a fairly small article directory (compared with EZA) then it is easy to know some of the people inside. You said Sylvia had a typo and that started this post. You know her and her normal writing, so easy to do. But, what happens when you have thousands of people who are making mistakes, do you have time to make all the changes.

      The other thing is some people are passionate about their writing, and refuse to listen about mistakes they make. A true example, I know it's a book, but the principle is the point. Someone asked me to do some work on their book. There was a term in the book which was the main element to the niche. But, over 90% of the time they had the ie the wrong way around. My spellchecker showed it. I mentioned it to them, but they refused to make a change for it. Their argument was that knew what they were talking about. So their book was released with the keyword spelt correctly part of the time, but mainly spelt incorrectly.

      I would think that as the article directory owner you wouldn't want the hassle of people who object to any corrections being made.

      If it is people you know, then do it, otherwise I would just reject the article with a reason.

      The other thing is a spelling might be British and correct. I had someone look at something I wrote and they pointed out an error, it turned out that the way an American writes it is totally different from the British way. But, unless someone had told me, I would continue to use the British way, because that is what I learnt.
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    Hi Allen,

    If it's a feature or something to a paid directory, yes it would be a very nice one.

    I know I use to do it with my AD when I owned it until I started finding tons of them. Then it simply ate up my time in the backend. The next thing you know, I was spending more time with that site then building up the rest of my business.

    If something like this is done, I think the AD owners should be compensated in some way for the service.

    Like I said, it's a nice perk, but it can be over powering if you get 500 articles or more a day.

    Another thing I just happened to think of ...

    If AD owners start doing this sort of thing, are they really helping people? Or are they giving them an excuse to be even more lazy about how they submit their articles?

    Just a thought ...


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