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I am needing a mentor and I was wondering if I pay someone or do they just do it for free? I dont get it.
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    You get what you pay for.

    The idea is, as most people would agree, the relationship MUST be mutually synergetic. That's what is required.
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    I paid $5000 for a mentor just recently.
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      Originally Posted by Stanley Tang View Post

      I paid $5000 for a mentor just recently.
      I myself paid $4000 + for a mentor a few months back.

      But honestly, I gotta say he deserved it. And I am sure you will agree with me. Mentoring is such a PLUS.
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    How would you decide if a particular mentor was qualified?

    I would think about what i needed to learn and if this person has successful experience there then I would also make sure we had good rapport. Some people know a lot but do not communicate as well as others.

    I would also want a clear idea of what I would learn and have an end goal spelled out.

    I would also check their background.

    I read earlier today of someone who charged a few people $7000.00 and gave them a few phone calls that was it.
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    How long/how much time have you honestly spent studying then APPLYING tips and techniques offerd here? Have you spent any time participating onteleseminars? Or purchased material toeducate yourself? Or how about free stuff? A lot of it is dang good.

    See, a *mentor* wants you to have some skin in the game. For a mentor to be successful, the student must be ready. Simply paying for one does not mean that you're ready for one.

    A free teleseminar is at"

    Not meant to be harsh.
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      Having a mentor also customises your learning journey. A home study course, ebooks, IM workshops cater to the general public.

      They won't understand your preference, strengths, personalities, habits, personal schedule.

      Having a mentor enables you to discuss with someone who have been walking the talk and save you time by directing you to the right resources.

      Besides saving money, you also save time (which I feel is more important than money.)

      One may spend 3 years by feeling around and not yet make any money. A mentor can shorten the time needed but at the same time, your learning curve will get steeper.

      I have shared in this post on what you need to note while looking for your right mentor.


      Good luck!


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