[URGENT] Graphic Design Help Needed - Beer Provided! (graphic attached)

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EDIT: Thanks everyone for your help. I have chosen someone to work with on this. However, if you know someone who is really good with Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics), I still need something there...

Warrior Graphic Designers - I need your help!

My wife and sister are working on putting a website together, and the graphic designer they had initially will no longer respond, and they need their logo and graphics by tomorrow evening...

I have taken some of the concepts from the other designer (already paid for - so they can be used) and tweaked them a bit, but I am at the end of my rope as far as design skills go...

What I need is to get this image more "balanced", get the right text colors and add a few more accents and "finishing touches" to make this a professional looking logo.

Like I said, I will provide beer for those who can give me a hand on this.

This really is urgent, and I appreciate your help if you can get to this today.


PS: I have attached a preview image, as well as the psd file. The font that is being used is called "Arfmoochikncheez" [download here]. If you need anything else, please let me know.
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    I'd suggest sending a PM to 'sohamhere'.

    I was speaking with Sid today and he seems to be a good starting place.

    Best wishes, Richard
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      I'm sure Karl will pop in here soon, he seems to be always helpful
      when dealing under such deadlines.

      I've never worked with him myself, but he's highly recommended by
      many Warriors.
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    How about these?
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    I can do this for you...please pm me for further discussion..
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      I really don't like to critique other people's work, but please - for the sake of the business... drop the logo you have there. That is, don't try and recreate exactly what has been done for you already - it is unprofessional and will likely do more harm than good to the image of the business. I wish I had the time to assist right now because I fear that you're going to be forced to put up with sub-standard work for the sake of speed.

      You said...

      they need their logo and graphics by tomorrow evening
      Which, of course is now this evening. I assume you're going to be driving traffic to the website from tonight? If not, you may have some breathing space to get something more professional put together for you. If it was a choice between having no logo, or that logo, I would seriously say NO LOGO. I like the concept of Cake Fu, the execution of the concept does leave a lot to be desired.

      Is it absolutely imperative that you must have the logo complete tonight?

      If not, feel free to PM me - I'll tell you an idea I have for it and we can discuss further.

      Kindest regards,

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