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I was flicking through a Sunday newspaper magazine and saw something about Tarot reading.

I had a quick look on Google Keyword tool and there are tons of related keywords and long tail keywords.

Also I googled "tarot forum" and there's a lot of people online looking a this stuff.

Not really my cup of tea as a niche (in terms of personal interest) - but could be a goldmine for someone looking for a break in an non IM niche.

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    All ready being explored *wink*

    In fact, a lot of the "psychic" related niches are still wide open.
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    Steven Wagenheim works in this niche, I believe. He has some great articles about the subject on EzineArticles.
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      Unless I'm mistaken, Steven will also tell you that it's not a "buyers" niche.

      I may be wrong...

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    My wife was really into that stuff - not sure what IMers would be selling because I think most of the business comes from people wanting tarot readings to be done for them by a pro?
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    Yep you are 100% correct - in fact Blair Gorman of

    Numerology Readings that will stun you with their honesty

    .... is doing this and his site is real slick.

    Yes I myself had a reading I basically put my full name and birtdate and the numbers give me a chart on my life.

    His follow up emails are well done also. I know he's cashing in with this.
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      Perhaps there might be a profit potential in showing people how to set up a business doing readings?

      This is just a guess - I used to do readings a long time ago for friends, but never charged for it.
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    The cards say you have a bright future.

    In terms of a demographic I bet lots of people are worried about the future these days so I could see how they want some re-assurance.

    A good designer could create a new card deck.

    Info product on interpretation.

    How to read cards for your own future maybe.

    An online tarot reader to get (maybe) a lot of traffic to sell them other things like crystals, nostradmas predictions (public domain?) .

    There may be a fair amount of related public domain info and I think they would tend to get excited by some sort of "ancient scripts of the egyptions"

    just a thought, for whatever it may be worth.

    Write a book on how your own intuition is more accurate than any tarot cards and sell them that. Maybe.
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    Yep I forgot to say that there looked like some excellent back end affiliate products like the card decks which can be quite high ticket. There certainly was a good number of people looking to learn how to read tarot when I checked.
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      I built, and Admin, a psychic service site:

      Chat room,
      Message board,
      Talk radio show each Sunday with Guests ...
      TV Show in the works

      And we're building a lot more onto the site/services.

      So, it's good business *grins*

      There is a lot of negative "stigma" to overcome, but with the right group of people, with the right intentions ... that is easily overcome.

      And - I've been learning the Tarot on my own .. have a deck and all. Eventually, I want to be on the "front end" of the site ... otherwise, I seem to be a figment of many's imagination LOL.
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      Hey Warriors,

      Everyone to his own thing......but I just have to say...

      I just prefer to put my trust and future into a Higher Power
      Who is way more reliable than what a bunch of cards will tell


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    Greg - I'm totally with you too :-)

    One day (soon) these people will meet our Higher Power
    in person . . .
    • Profile picture of the author Barbara Eyre
      Ummm, some of you are making a huge assumption that those of us who work in the Psychic industry (of the various kinds) automatically have no belief in God, Jesus, etc ... That is a SO far from the truth.

      Many wholeheartedly believe in God and Jesus ... and to Whom they thank for their psychic gifts.

      Don't want this thread to become a religious debate, or a debate on whether or not psychic, divination, or other abilities exist. That was NOT the point for this thread. This thread is about a niche as a possible stream of income.

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