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Hey Everyone,

My wife sells on eBay in her spare time and I know there are a few of you on here that sell sites and eBooks through eBay and may be able to help me.

Does anyone know an effective way to contact eBay support? Email and the "Live Help" just do not work, they just spit out canned responses. My wife was flagged for selling fake branded items (purse dust covers from Coach) she knows her stuff and they are not fake! Now she is concerned about putting up anymore items for auction.

If anyone knows an effective way to contact eBay I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your help,
Tommy Smith
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    Hey Tommy,

    I know they answer question on the forums. You might try there if you can't get an answer from their support desk.

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      Powersellers have a phone number to contact eBay. If you know a powerseller see if you can get the phone number off them.

      Otherwise - just send an email & wait - she musn't relist til she hears from them, regardless of whether shes doing the right thing or not - it wont matter to eBay.

      Hope this helps

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