Embedded Youtube Videos - A Magic Bullet?

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I know that embedding youtube videos on related
topics will increase ranking of your webpages, but
my question is related to the opposite scenario.
Would having your youtube video embedded on
a lot of websites increase the ranking of your
youtube video within the organic searches of the
Youtube website itself? Whether it be in...

(1) A bunch of independent websites?
(2) A single website by a lot of members?

I was discussing this with a fellow youtuber the
other day, and he believed so but I couldn't find
any search pages on google to truly validate his

Any comments would be greatly appreciated

Just my .02
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    If you notice within the 'Statistics' tab on YouTube, it shows a list of the websites that are linking to that particular video.

    I'm not sure, but my gut instinct tells me that if a video has a great deal of websites linking to it, it increases the ranking in some way.

    Anyone else have any info on this?

    - Jared

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