Just how good do you want to be at Internet Marketing?

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As a kid, I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. Do you remember being asked that? Do you remember what you said? I said I wanted to draw pictures. Not a huge ambition but it was a passion of mine – still is in fact.

Interestingly, I don’t recall anyone really challenging me on that. (Except my mother, who told me to forget it as I’d never make any money! But that’s a different story) Nobody asked me, “So exactly what kind of pictures do you want to draw?” or, more importantly, “How good do you want to be?”

If I’d been asked that second question and I’d really thought about the answer, who knows what I could’ve achieved with my art. But that question was never asked. I drifted into and out of art school and didn’t do anything with it (my mother was right). I never focused my ambition and my dream to draw pictures was exactly that, a dream, an unfulfilled wish.

What if I’d told myself that I wanted to be the best – not simply the best I could be, but the best. Maybe I wouldn’t have made it, maybe I would’ve been disappointed with my skill level and maybe I would have been blown out of the water by the competition. But as I didn’t try, I’ll never know.

So, my question to you is:

How good do you want to be at Internet Marketing?

It’s easy to simply be who you are right now – just go on doing the things you already do. But if you set yourself a target to be the best, the best in your niche, the best on this forum, the gurus of gurus… well, I wonder how far you’ll get?

I’m a great believer in setting goals that stretch me. I really fight against the old adage that goals must be realistic. I find that too limiting. There’s nothing wrong with thinking big. Ordinary people do amazing things everyday – there’s no reason why you or I can’t be one of those people.

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    I think your question

    How good do you want to be at Internet Marketing?
    is what has actually slowed me down for the last two years.


    It is too general.

    Now I have more laser-targeted goals. I want to be a top writer and video maker.

    As has been mentioned in a few threads recently (Elmer's for one), the scattergun approach doesn't work. You have to be very clear what your business model is and work toward perfecting that.

    I would rephrase your question

    "How good do you want to be at marketing your business on the internet?"


    P.S. Would you stop writing interesting threads - it's way, way past my bedtime !!
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      If you're still awake Martin...

      You're right, of course. Being specific is vital. My question is very general simply to open up the discussion. Most folk don't even start with a general question, so they never get the chance to be specific.

      The key here is to start to ask questions of yourself and you've got to start somewhere.

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    For me its not about Internet Marketing per se,

    IM is just a part of my business.

    I have other entities.. but the net draws me back in every time as my fav..

    I think my IM business grows in direct proportion as I grow as a person.

    So the answer is, Theres no limit only time will tell

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      Originally Posted by peteinoz View Post

      For me its not about Internet Marketing per se,

      IM is just a part of my business.
      Me too Pete, but as this is an IM forum it's a legitimate question don't you think?

      Originally Posted by peteinoz View Post

      So the answer is, Theres no limit only time will tell
      That's great Pete, but leading on from Martin's point about being laser focused, have you defined what 'no limit' is? I know that may seem as somewhat of a paradox but it could help if you had a definite target to aim at.

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    There are at least two different types of people posting in this thread.

    One type of person sees focus in terms of the niche market itself.

    Yet another sees focus as a specialist product or service to offer.

    Both valid and proven approaches. And an example of why Internet
    Marketing is so difficult to define..

    Being the best you can be isn't dependant upon how you structure
    your business, it depends on you.

    As Peter has already alluded to, your beliefs will determine what you
    can achieve.

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    completely agree, john. at the end of the day, it all depends on how one sees what internet marketing is and how one defines what being "the best" is.
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    The scatter gun approach was the way I approached my business in the early days, and it's why I failed miserably

    It was only once I realised that doing something I was good at was the answer (and sticking with it), that I started making a profit.

    The goals I set myself a few years ago was to stop bouncing from one half finished project to the next. (Get stuff finished)

    I still have some projects unfinished, (My portal for one), but after I've got my shopping cart up and running, I'll go back to it.

    My hosting business website is only half built, it was only yesterday I admitted defeat and I've outsourced it to a friend to finish who knows what they are doing.

    Thanks for the reminder to stay focused Peter

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    I wanna be as successful as Allen Says so I can sit back on my ass and watch people make fools of themselves on a forum I created after 8yrs+ running. LOL

    Allen.. you da MAN!!

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      This really is about setting yourself some BIG goals and John is right, it's about your belief system.

      If we allow ourselves to trundle along without goals then we might stumble upon a modicum of success. Most of us on this forum are used to setting goals whether they're measured by the hour or by the year. Some are better at achieving those goals than others, but how many of us REALLY test ourselves by setting goals that go way beyond our current levels of comfort?

      It is so common to live within the bubble that is created by our own belief system. Unless you are prepared to constantly question limiting beliefs you'll more than likely remain in that bubble and your true potential may never be realised.

      A great place to start is to set goals and have targets that might seem ridiculous just now. Focus on one aspect of your business if you wish and commit to striving towards that end.

      As an example, what is stopping you from completely and absolutely 'owning' your niche? (If you're not already!) How will you become THE person that people first think about when they think of this niche? Who's currently in that position? What do they do and what have they done to get there? What steps do you have to carry out, starting today, that will move you towards this aim?

      If you struggle to accept this as a possibility then it's just your limiting beliefs getting in the way. Be aware that belief systems CAN change - they're just thought processes and with a little practice you CAN start convincing yourself that virtually anything is possible.

      I dare you to think BIG!


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