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Hi there..

I couldnt find the answer anywhere else, so I decided to write a thread, because I really want to know. Thanks.

Question 1: Is the number, daily searches?
Question 2: How and which searchengines is the number calculated from?

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    Wordtracker gives you the following

    The actual daily searches for the keywords
    The anticipated average daily searches

    You can choose which search engine results you want to compare with these results
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    Just a question that is sort of on- and also off-topic...

    I used to subscribe to WT some time ago, but I've found that using Google's own free tools (as well as others) is actually better that WT. Is there something about WT that I've missed? I wouldn't mind giving them another chance, but I found their search data (since it's only a fraction of what Google has) to be wildly inaccurate at times, so I'm curious as to why people use it.

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