Sheesh - More EzineArticle restrictions

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Don't know if this has been heard of before but I just got the following email for two articles recently submitted:-

"We would like to help you get this article approved but there is an issue which needs to be resolved first.

Your article does not adhere to our Editorial Guidelines, Section 2.f. xii.

We will allow your Anchor Text Link descriptions to include a maximum of (3) words as the description text.

Please edit your anchor text link so that the link description is 3 words or less, and resubmit for review."

Anchor text of only three words????

There goes providing EA good quality content in return for targetting long tail keywords then!

Anyone else ever seen this? Any way round it?


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    The last batch of articles I had approved had a few 4 and 5 word anchor texts for my links. I usually keep them in the 3 word range anyways though, so the transition won't be a problem for me...

    I wonder when they updated these guidelines?
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    you will find that it is much better to use and include keywords in your article rather than in your anchor text. This is something I do and it gets better results and means you also get your articles published.
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      There was a discussion on this back on the old forum.

      I contacted them a few weeks ago about this and they only "advised" to stick to a max of 3. I understand that over 3 is still possible, but it's heavily dependant on the quality of the article and landing page.
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      Originally Posted by Andrew Dillon View Post

      you will find that it is much better to use and include keywords in your article rather than in your anchor text. This is something I do and it gets better results and means you also get your articles published.
      I try to be as subtle as I can with a clear call-to-action in the anchor text. I rarely use keywords in it. This, in my opinion, gets me a high click through rate.
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    There are thousands of good article directories, submit your articles on others too..

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