(Frustrated) Is spamming articles in Ezine Articles okay?

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If I sound like I'm complaining, I'm sorry. Everyday, I take the time to write quality articles (it takes me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to think, write, edit, and publish my article, sending them to EZA.

One of my favorite feelings is seeing my articles get published. It feels like I accomplished something in my day because I put a lot work in creating good information that I believe will help others out someway. I don't mind them being up for a little time, but I get discouraged when they get bumped down because once you hit refresh, you see 6+ articles listed from top to bottom that shout "READ ME! READ ME!" that 'written' by the same person.

So you read one of their articles, and their articles don't really give you a lot good information. It feels more like a 'sales page.' What's worse is that each of them are directed straight to the merchant's page, while other writers don't get that privilege. (I know some people will say, but don't worry a presale's webpage are better for conversations anyway. But there are good writer's out there that know how to blend language into anything having the option of writing a good, quality article, and directing them to a merchant's website wouldn't be a asset that's bad to have.

Anyway the point is, I just feel like these type of articles not only saturate the quality of other articles, but the market as well.
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    Whenever I stumble across most ezine articles content during a regular Google search I'm always amazed at how craptastic they are. 99% of them are a direct promotion for a product and a thinly-veiled one at that.

    Nothing wrong with marketing, nothing at all. But ezine articles is supposedly this higher standard and I rarely find anything but advertisements there during my searches.

    The articles I see aren't even marketing really (where value is added in some way) but just straight up selling, "buy this widget" type articles.

    I've already heard some authors complaining about their articles being displaced by Google Knols and I would expect that trend to continue.
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    Ezine Articles just hired six more people who are now going through a six week training process. I know the spammy stuff hurts them too so hopefully, things will begin to speed up and smooth out over there pretty soon.

    John P
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    I think perhaps another angle to the problem is that the person that wrote the article that you think seems spammy often thinks that it's a pretty darn good article.

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    Yep - I agree. I've seen some real crap pass on EZA but at the same time I think you have more quality.

    But at the same time they are reading what IM gurus are telling them and then they butcher the advice and post all over the web the article they think is great.

    I see it all to often.
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      Why should this really bother you? If your objective is to produce well-written articles then you are already winning. If their objective is to make quick sales then quantity will always win over quality.

      It's like trying to compare a fast food chain with a gourmet restaurant. When it comes down to it, it's the consumer that chooses where to eat, even if they know junk food is the worse choice. Some consumers just like bad food I'm afraid.

      If the articles are awful then they'll get bumped off Google pretty quick so that the more delicious articles remain.

      Bon appetite!


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