What happened to free tool seo competition analyzer

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anyone have a copy of the free tool seo competition analyzer? the site is still up but the download is keyword cloud generator?

or know of another free tool that did all it did?

thank you kindly;
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    I may know of a free tool. What did it do? I'm not familiar with it.
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    everything. it checked for the top 5 sites on google for your keyword.checked website h1 tag,title tag,alt tag, page rank, if keyword was bold underlined italicized. if keyword was used in first 25 words on the page and last 25 words on the page. so you didn't waste time on kw that were hard to rank for.

    if you know of a replacement please let me know. thanks
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      I found one powered by wordtracker. It's free and I love it. Look in my blog under recommended sites.

      Hope that helps

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