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I'm about to purchase a new domain and was wondering people's opinions on having the word blog in the domain name? I'm imagining a user looking for info or a product to be less inclined to click on a blog. What do you think?

Also, does having a TLD affect the ability to get ranked globally? Will google see it as "more relevant" to the UK & prefer to place it only in UK results?

Anyone with guidance on this would be greatly appreciated

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    I don't think I've ever seen a domain name with 'blog' in it. I would think that it would have to be a topic that benefited somehow from being 'blogged' about and discussed. Nothing to do but test it, domain names are cheap compared to some things in IM.

    As far as the regional thing, I think the .co.UK thing might be favored locally, but it's anybody's guess (or opinion) as to whether or not it would be penalized overall.

    two cents worth,

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    I wouldn't use "blog" because it boxes you in.

    You may wish to develop the site further in the
    future and include e-commerce items, a forum,
    or go in a different direction altogether. Choose
    a name that's conducive to future expansion.

    Are ppl in the U.K. unable to register .com's???
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      It's not that I can't register a .com it's that i can't really find a good one. I basically have the option between:

      1. ""
      2. ""

      Obviously the keyword isn't weight loss but it's pretty much equivalent. I think I might just continue looking till I find a better .com, or splash out on one of those premium domains :/

      Thanks for the replies so far guys

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      I have a new blog which has the word blog in the domain.

      Chocolate, Chocolate Treats, Chocolate Gifts, Recipes | Chocolate Blog

      In 8 days I have had over 600 unique visitors, and over 1,200 visitors, and the site isn't complete yet.

      As most people are told to start with a blog, I think your thoughts on blogging are incorrect.

      I have a site which is British based and use a with no problems at all.
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    Thanks Z. Check out Domain Fellow, it takes your words
    and displays what's currently available for registration.
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    Thanks for the link Monetize I'll give that a look.

    & Bev, thanks for that example, your right. Even if they were factors, they'd have to be uber small. I think I was over analyzing things again.

    Thanks all


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