Ebay Classifieds - anyone using successfully?

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I haven't been able to find any good information about using Ebay classified ads, is anyone having success?
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    nope, sounds like its worth looking into.
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      I have just been looking at some eBay classified listings where one fellow has just over $1K in two days and 28 left to run. another has taken in just over $400 in a day or so and the last one I looked at has done $500 with about 19 hours left to run on a 30 day listing. Some folks are making money. I just posted my first classified listing and am going to try it and see.
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    Don't forget the classifieds on eBay can be a great way to build a list too. The linking policies are more liberal. Just like any other online advertising a major key is writing strong, keyword rich headlines so that your listing draws traffic. If you cost out your subscribers, you might find you can get subscribers for less than $.50, which is great if you are good at selling to your list.

    Jim Cockrum has put out some good info on this topic.
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    I use it to good success.

    It's very hard to go wrong with Ebay classified ads - as long as you're willing to keep testing.

    At only $10 for a 30 day ad - that can be changed - it's hard not to eventually find the right combo of category, product and ad and make a very decent profit off a $10 investment.

    And then multiply your ads!


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