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Some time back I noticed a link in a fellows signature about an information package he was selling on being a diamond broker. It interested me and I thought I bookmarked it. I wasn't sure I wanted to buy it, but some new opportunities have possibly opened up for me, and I thought about it again so I went for the bookmark, and I can't find it. Not the first time I thought I bookmarked something and I didn't, but now I am ticked.

So, as the fellow is a Warrior, hopefully he will see this thread or someone who knows him will see it and help me out so I can maybe buy his book. So anyone know a Warrior who works in the diamond business or at least sells a product about the diamond broker business?
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    It has been a few days since I posted this and no replies so I thought I would try and bump it to see if someone might read it this time or that fellow would see it as I would like to check out his offer again and maybe buy it.
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    I didn't know about the gem school, thanks for that info

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