What to do with 1000 dollars profit?

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So do I save it? Spend it on something? or what would you buy to build your business? I am just curious what I should do with it

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    Always put at least 10 percent of it into a money pool fund. Then it can be ther when you want it or need it. Use at least another 10 ercent to pay for business expansion.

    And if you need ideas on what to do with the rest I will send you my paypal address
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    Personally, I'd just stick it in the bank and wait until the next time you are doing something and say, "Gee, if only I had XXXXXX". If that will improve your business or help you make money, go for it. I guess my point is I'd wait until I had a 'problem' to solve, rather than start looking for solutions without a stated problem. That could be my software engineering side coming out though.

    I hear you can get a decent TV for about that nowadays...
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    Re-invest all of it unless you need it.

    Obviously it's easier to make money when you have money.

    I've built my business online for the past 10 years by re-investing profits and now make 7 figures working from home.

    Create products, build sites, buy domains...just make your money work for you instead of the alternative.

    Here's to you tripling your income...good luck!
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    I agree with Tracy completely!

    Invest a little back into your business but more importantly (arguably) buy yourself something with it too.

    Thats the whole point of making money in the first place, to buy yourself nice things so splurge a little to congratulate yourself on a job well done
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    If you're somebody like me, I'll spend it (since its only $1000)
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    I just earned my first $200 from sales and at this stage I thought it was best to reinvest. Now, I expect my next project to make me even more money ($200 isn't a lot, but you've got to start somewhere )

    First priority: build a steady stream of income.

    Then when that is achieved start spending a bit on yourself too.

    That's what I plan to do anyway.
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    Hey man,

    Why not get some articles written? promote what web pages you have now and try to make something back on your investment! Maybe start up a little PPC campaign, invest in a few WSO's or yeah, you coiuld just give it to me

    Be smart dude, I'm sure you'll make the best decision
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    1. Hire a ghostwriter to create another product in your niche.
    2. Promote your products/affiliate products using paid advertising
    3. Buy yourself a present.
    4. Invest in yourself.
    5. Give it to me ;-)
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    Wow big response didnt think I would get this much attention....Since I am starting into blogging would you buy a established blog or just create from scratch and hire someone to write articles or posts?

    Or is it better to have someone to a unique design on a site you already own? Just curious what people would do since as you can tell I am not sure what the write direction is yet
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    INVEST! Ask yourself if you really need to buy that new toy right now, or if it can wait. Save some for later when you might be in a jam, and invest the majority.
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    Estimate your cash flow for two scenarios: 1) paying down $1000 on any interest bearing debt you have, 2) ROI on investing $1000 in your business or other possibilities.
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    Re-invest and make more money, don't spend it on anything else cept your business, well you could buy 1 cheeseburger, that will be ok ..only this time! lol
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