Wordpress.com Opt In Forms

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With Wordpress".COM" can you have opt in forms on the blog?

I know you can't have adsence etc.

But can you have an opt in form somewhere?
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    Not sure as I never use it before. But if I were you, I would host WP on my webhost. I can do anything I want and worry free. Consider it as the cost isn't high though.
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    Heya Jefferson

    Sorry; I'm no use at all to you in relation to actually answering your question, but I 100% agree with abelacts. Just host it yourself. You can do what you like, when you like.

    If you've got cPanel access on your hosting, you can have a new WP installation done in less than 3 minutes! :-)

    (Apologies if you already knew all this and are asking for some other reason)

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