Web Site Sales Contract

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I have been following the thread on the forum about selling websites and sold my first one. I have been told that I should use a Web Site Sales Contract to complete the transaction and was wondering if anyone had one they can give me?

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    I am wondering why would you need one?

    Did something happen in your sales transaction that went wrong?

    I am looking into filpping myself, and it seems you ran into a little roadblock that requires this

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    Sitepoint released this contract template a few days ago for $97
    The Deluxe Web Site Sales Contract - SitePoint Kits

    Perhaps you can get cheaper ones at the many legal form websites.

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      Sparrow the sale has gone through fine but it is always good when selling anything that both parties understand what is transpiring and what is exactly involved in the sale so it doesn't come back and bite you later.


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