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Hi everyone, i wonder does anyone have these problems, and if so what can be dobne about them.
I run a blog which tests betting systems, Betting System Reviews

Basically after a system test i move it to the appropriate category, but what im finding is that people are buying products through my affiliate link then asking for instant refunds, this is being done by the same few people. Any thoughts, advice welcome!
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    Block them from your site. Simple.

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    Adrian Ling's "Easy Click Guard" might help.


    Designed specifically for use with ClickBank, but can be used with other payment processors.
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      Hi guys thanks for your replies, i am using a blogger blog so how can i block someone from accessing it?

      Regarding the easyclickguard, i take it that is only for vendors selling ebooks, i am using affiliate links?
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    Please setup a proper blog or WP site. Monetizing a blogspot
    with affiliate products, particularly gambling (which google
    frowns upon) can get your blog banned/disappeared in the
    blink of an eye. I can't believe you've put that much time
    and effort into such an unstable platform.

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