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I am looking for a method to generate $1500/mo that will pay for one of my living expenses. I've been told by a number of users here that $50/day isn't that much of a big deal.

The question is
1) what vehicle? affiliates/adsense/own-product
2) how long ? how long will it take.
3) how much maintenance (hours per week)

I know that many of you have your own hobbies outside of IM, be it cars, music, martial arts .. after doing this for a while, say 2 years, you could probably wish you could go back and tell yourself to 'buy this, study this, dont waste your money on that'.

That is such a powerful thing, the trouble is if we go researching for that information ourselves on the internet, we often find a lot products to buy that might not necessarily be the best (maybe some are good, but others just lead you in the wrong direction).

So to cut a long story short,
if you could go back and tell yourself when you were just a week into IM - What would your advice be?


By the way if you are in need of PHP/CSS programming help, feel free to ask me for help
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    search on the forum - I've run several threads asking people this question so that new members don't have to keep doing it.

    There are several threads with LOTS of replies to this question.
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    As you're new here you may not be aware of the old forum where
    your question has been asked numerous times:
    The Warrior Forum - Main Discussion Forum

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    very helpful, thanks - I haven't had much like with the search, i'll keep looking.
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      Hi Matt,

      I think I have something that could put you on the right track if you use it wisely,

      I am sending you a p.m. in a couple of minutes,

      Kind regards,
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    I outlined one method here which involves software generated websites promoting affiliate products and adsense. It can get you to $1500 but will require quite a bit of effort. But as far as newbies are concerned, it is as fast track as you can get.

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      Articles are working for me, but I'm still working my way up to $50/day. They've got so many uses and everyone wants content. Write them up, then decide if they'll be yours or if you want to sell them.
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    Follow a proven model until it works. instead of hopping from one thing to another
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    Find a profitable niche, create a digital product (eg ebook) and then send enough traffic there. Seriously I've found selling my own products much better for consistent returns than affiliate marketing.
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    thanks boys! I have signed up for nicos (adams) course and its a good steady learning curve. i think the own-product route is an interesting one and i look forward to it one day in the future.

    "making money online" is an interesting mindset i dont quite understand yet.

    I'm learning about article marketing to increase backlinks to my squidoo pages to improve google ranking and i'm not even yet sure if i'm doing the right thing (lots to learn).

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