how do you freshen your squidoo lens?

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hi warriors,

i have a squidoo lens in music & its currently #188 in music & lens rank 4793 and i would like to push this up as much as i can but there is only so much info i can keep adding to freshen the lens so how does everyone freshen their lens? adding lots more content?
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    You can add other widgets like youtube videos, amazon widget etc. You need to keep editing something in the lens to make it look fresh.
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      ok i will keep editing using the widgets u mentioned, but how long can i keep doing this for? because wont the lens then become a bit too long? as we are promoting our site & would like to maintain this lens?
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    I think you can keep changing the keyword in the pre-existing youtube videos or that in the amazon widgets. As I heard from few people, your lens will be fresh even if you edit widgets. Not sure about that though.
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      how do u change the keyword? where is this? can you show me please? as i dont know?
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    Yes sure.

    When you add a youtube widget (or edit already existing youtube widget), you have an options:
    1. let youtube pick
    2. let me pick
    3. pick by youtube username

    select the first option - let youtube pick

    Below it asks you to enter tags or keywords to find videos. For different keywords you enter, different videos will appear in the lens.

    Hope this helps.
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    Sometimes I change or add to the tags. You can also change your YouTube Videos, spotlight a different Amazon book. There are very easy ways to "update" a lens without massive content changes.

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    Even switching the order of modules around works. So does having a regularly-updated RSS feed on the lens - that freshens the lens content every time it updates, although it won't change the "date you last edited".
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      You could add a new text module, all you really have to do is write a paragraph for it like a little blog post every day, maybe a short review of some new music.

      Are you pinging your squidoo rss feed in pingoat or autoping. That can help you get a bit more exposure.

      Pete is also running a wso with a new rss feed aggregator. You could add your feed there too.
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    People tend to over-complicate this process. Simply
    move, add or remove a punctuation mark. That's it.

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