Can anybody recommend a good content to html generator?

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I got tired of manually creating pages to my site.

I was wondering if anybody knows of a content.txt to html generator.

Very much like HyperVRE, their free edition doesnt work.


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    Do you mean mass page generation (like 100s) or just few pages?
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      Mass page generation will be very good.

      I have about 1000 worth of articles I will be converting, I've done 50 already so still have 950 to go :-(

      A tool would be highly appreciated

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    check kloakit or search engine cloaker. I beleive they both do mass page generation but I can not guarantee I'm right.
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      You can do what you are talking about in XSitePro. It is not free, but there is a multi page creation wizard which you can import articles into and it will turn out html pages. I think the url is xsitepro dot com. But it might be the company name which intellimon dot com.

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