Has anyone had any difficulty with Google Adsense?

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hi everyone, i was involved with an automated pilot system that involved posting ads on Google AdSense. I spent 2 months advertising and only made $50. But what i found out one day that my minimum bids at 9pm on a Friday were set between $.25 to $1.00 max, i was getting great clicks, impressions and high CTR(Click Through Rate) until 1am the next morning i looked and all my keywords jumped to $12.00 minimum bid. I couldn´t believe it. I contact Google and they gave me the run around. I find it hard to believe that it jumped so much. I think they new i was using a system. I did some digging with some insiders and legal team, that I cannot reveal here but very impressed with Googles Marketing Campaigns and Advertising guidelines that you can actually get around, but i did not bother.

1) has anyone experienced this before? If so, please share
2) Also, i am now involved in another great system that has proven so far very effective, has anyone experienced great results with funding proposals(your profits put back into advertising and marketing)

Hope to hear from you soon and feel free to visit my site below..I am excited about it!!!!


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    Its likely because of a low quality score. In other words, they want you to change something on your landing page. But its not always just about the landing page, it could have something to do with things such as your ad's CTR.
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    I've been through the same thing with them. Keywords (The top 50 in my niche) had a range of 10¢ to 25¢. Next day, they had jumped to $1 and up.

    I do not use AdWords any more!

    Google has a different song and dance for the same question each time you ask it.

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    I gave up on Google and Google Adsense ages ago because of the same problem. You see Google make the rules and are a law unto themselves and no one can give you a straight answer let alone the same answer.
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    I dont use Google Adsense
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    I think maybe you meant Google AdWords? You don't post or pay for AdSense.

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