To All Website Flippers, what's the best/cheapest hosting for this ?

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Title aready ask what I wanna know.

I think about GoDaddy OR Namecheap as those are my domain dealers, but maybe some of you have a better alternative - cheaper then $7.- month.

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    I don't think you will get any good one cheaper than hostgator. You can use hostgator for $0.01 for the first one month.

    It allows you host as many sites as you want and they have the best customer support ( only I have seen has a better support - escrow. com is not a hosting service though ).

    Can host you for the next 1 month for free if you are low on cash, just to encourage you. PM me if you need help.
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    A hostgator reseller is a good shout! $25 a month but you can set each site up seperately and offer hosting for a small monthly fee ; )

    It makes things easier to transfer files as well as they can have access to the FTP and grab em all!

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    if you can afford, get yourself a reseller account, so that you can save all the hassle of transferring the site by simply giving the Login ID & PW to the buyer, since you would be dealing with lots of domain, lots of files, and lots of MYSQL databases

    better yet, you can charge the buyer a small hosting fee, if they wanted to stay

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