Any software programmers here?

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Looking to have a program updated. I have the source code and everything so it wouldn't be too involved at all, can anyone help me out here? If not I'm heading to a free lance site .
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    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending my installation/development partner. I have worked with Michel for years.

    michel [insert AT here]

    Tell him I sent you.


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    Is it Visual Basic? (old school Visual Basic)

    If so, PM me or write @ DoyleSoft | About

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    Rob is right. If you do not know the language, version, and dialect, FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!! If you say C, that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH, unless it is standard ansi C with NO libraries(unlikely). If you say VC++("straight C") that is not really good without the version. Obviously, the version alone won't do much.

    And HEY, it COULD be an old Turbo Pascal TSR, in which case you may have some REAL trouble!

    BTW until you have that info, don't even TRY to go to a freelance site. They might eat you alive!

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    Yes, that means it's Microsoft stuff. Most likely, it's VB.Net or C#.Net. I work in VB.Net for my full time job, so if you'd like me to check it out for you, I'm more than capable. Just send a PM if you're interested.

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