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    Well then - try actually reading the products you're promoting and pick the ones you genuinely believe are worth the money and won't land you on a court docket.

    That's if you're building your name and brand in that specific niche, that is - if you're doing bum marketing or conduit site methods this doesn't apply, there you're going for the straight clickthrough/sale.

    If you're looking for a long term business - well, I have my opinion, but there's a zillion books out there by more qualified teachers than me that will show you how to get started with any business model you choose. If you're looking to build your brand in that niche an autoresponder newsletter works well - just ask Eben Pagan.

    The important thing is to think about how the products you're promoting fits into the brand you're trying to build - although they make you cash on the front end, promoting them hurts your long-term income potential because the products in themselves undermine your credibility.

    Now, some niches don't work very well for branding, some niches you can't do anything but conduit method or bum marketing if you expect a ROI on your effort, there's no one approach that works consistently across all markets.

    Though for my two cents- look up Paul Myers and subscribe to TalkBiz News if you haven't already. Spend some time reading what Paul has to teach you about business and sales, and you'll be well equipped to actually go places.

    Buy some of his manuals, and you'll be ready to take off like a rocket.

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