Craigslist mega traffic to site!

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I recently heard of a fella that was getting mega traffic and sales from an affiliate to his sites. I mean he had to pay this guy like $550 a day commission on a $40 product. This was a digital delivery product too. Anyways his affiliate is still not talking. What I need is some safe crakers here. I need to unlock this code and figure out how this is done as I am sure some of you do. Please elaborate if you think you have this riddle already solved.


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    The affiliate is probably paying some "posting service" to post to many cities a day.

  • Profile picture of the author Clark
    If your friend was my friend then my friend would give me a list of "known good buy keywords" for all his completed transactions and also information from his traffic referral logs or else he wouldn't be my friend anymore
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    This affiliate probably either has a huge list or he is paying someone else to mail their huge lists...
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      Whatever their doing its most likely complete spam splattered all over craigslist.

      They probably set up multiple accounts using auto creation software then use auto bot software to make the posts and other tactics.

      I'm not saying that's what they ARE doing but typically to get astounding amounts of traffic and astounding amounts of sales you got to use black hat methods on craigslist.

      Something I do not ethically support as a business model.

      Frank Bruno

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