Do you like my website?

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    I like it. I would make your homepage a bit more 'welcoming' if you know what I mean. It's kind of dull, add some pics and just make a look "pretty" if you can understand what I'm trying to say.

    I got bored of it when I seen nothing but text on the page. You have to draw me into it with interesting pictures and things, maybe some examples of your logos.

    Other than that I like what you are doing there.

    By the way, I know you have the 'Examples' page, but throw one of those examples on your homepage or something. Because they are very nice, and if I see one of those on the homepage, I'm definitely going to search the site and see what you offer.

  • Profile picture of the author ahuddy
    Looks nice. Design some buttons for the top navigation links to make it look slicker.
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      IMO you need to address why anyone would want to get their logo animated. And relate how those desires coupled with your prices & service translate into a good value.

      Probably not a great idea to have your first post be a thread you start containing a link to your site. Why not explain your site and ask members to PM you if they would be willing to help you out by critiquing your site. I don't think it's meant to be spammy, but it kinda feels like that when you joined yesterday and this is your first post.
  • Profile picture of the author Thomas Wilkinson
    Text could be a bit brighter and bolder for us old folks.
    Good luck with the site.

  • Profile picture of the author Greg Cooksley
    Hey Wassim,

    Just looked at your site....

    Superb examples.....well done...

    Perhaps put some testimonials in a sidebar on the first page...


  • Profile picture of the author draven_therion
    No. I don't like it. Sorry.

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