Domain Renewal

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I'll be needing to renew an old domain soon. Do I need to go through the original registrar? What exactly do I need to do?

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    Go to the registrar where you bought the domain and renew it. If it's not on auto-renew the register may send you one or more reminders - but don't rely on them to tell you to renew.

    Don't wait until the last day to renew as the payment will need to clear and you don't want to have your site down.
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    If you are renewing through your original registrar in most cases you do not need to do anything as they will renew it for you. BUT you have check if your domain is on an automatic renewal mode. otherwise you have to check with them how to renew your domain.
    Do it preferably 2 weeks prior expiry date so you do not lose your domain.
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    Absolutely double check on the auto-renew. I have some in the same account that do auto-renew and some that don't.


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