How to make $10,000 a month starting with nothing (in 4 months)

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Usually these posts are people asking for ideas (which is great, fresh ideas and discussion are always good). This post however, is a challenge for myself. I'm moving from an apartment to a house on March 11 (my birthday). I want to have all my debts paid off as well as a healthy down payment, about $32,000 total. Now, I already have about $12,000 a month coming in from my various online adventures, but I want to help out everyone here. So, I'm starting with nothing, building another business, and telling everyone here how I do it. The rules:
I start with nothing but war room access, no website, no list, and only $30 to work with.
NO AFFILIATE LINKS. At no point will I try to sell you anything.

So, hopefully this challenge will be fun and informative for everyone. Subscribe to this thread if you'd like to follow along, or I'll start a blog if the mods would prefer me to. Tomorrow: how to turn $30 into $500 in one week.
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    That's amazing please keep us up to date and the exact steps which you take.

    Thank You
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    these types of threads never pan out
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    Well I for one would like to follow this. So I would like to see you prove the naysayers wrong. Besides, I remember Steve did one that lasted over three months, and John did another one that went on for a long time. They were very informative, and hopefully this one will be too.
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    I'd like to follow along as well. In fact, If you've got the domain, I've got a VPS. I'd be willing to pop a WP install up there just to watch it :-)
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    Nice Idea - I too am documenting my steps as follow along threads are not allowed for some reason.

    Remember to test all the new theories trice
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    Yes, it would be interesting to watch your here if you decide to do it on a blog, so we know where you are
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    Just one question.

    You make about $12,000 a month coming in yet how is it worth your while to write articles for $3 each?
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    The articles for $3-$5 are the first step of this program. And no, the idea is not to 'watch' me, but for the beginners on this site to learn exactly how I do it and for the skeptics to see that it is possible. I don't make $12,000 a month from writing $3 articles, but through my own products and marketing. Anyway, since I apparently can't do this here, I started a blog at $32,000 Challenge!: Welcome! . So for those that won't to follow along, migrate there. Thanks for the comments! The $30 to $500 in a week is there.
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    good idea moving to a blog.

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