Another Spam Email From A Warrior...

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A thread was up sometime over the winter about this particular spammer whose real name and identity was questioned.

I unsubscribed from his list perhaps 2 weeks ago, which according to my memory I never subscribed to in the first place - my email was harvested from my warrior forum user information along with lots of others.

So now today, I see a new email from him in my inbox.!

I tried to look up and apparently the domain name is protected so I cannot complain to his ISP.

So what else can I do about this?
#internet marketing #email #spam #warrior
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    His domain name may be protected but his ISP won't be.. If you go to Google and type in "who Is ISP provider domain name" and then type in the domain name Google will usually direct you to either where you can access the ISP details or provide you with information on how to do so. Also you can block this person from sending you any more emails via your Warrior email settings.
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      Thanks for the help Andrew, although the Google search left me empty handed

      The email was sent right to mya yahoo address, not my warrior inbox.

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