transferring an audio file from digital voice recorder to a recordable CD

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I have some audio files on a digital voice recorder - a Coby CXR190-1G (I can upload the files to my computer via USB drive) but I am having problems trying to burn them on to a CD. I am not much of a tech person but I do experiment. If there is no conventional way to do it, I would like to know if there is some free software I can perhaps use to get this done. Thank you.
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    What program are you using to burn? and what type of error are you getting when you burn?

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      I confess, I didn't know any better. I uploaded the WAV. audio info. from my digital player into a regular file on my computer. I then tried to burn the info. to a blank readable CD through Media Player and iTunes. The Windows Media Player kept telling me that the system had no way of telling the length of the recording, so the action could not proceed. I got nowhere with itunes.

      A short while ago, I decided to try Audacity 1.2.6. I was able to upload the audio file from the digital recorder to my computer - and on to Audacity. I recorded it on to the Audacity system. I am now trying to figure out how to transfer it from Audacity to a CD, and perhaps create some tracks via Audacity to break up the monotone recording.

      Any help with options would be appreciated.
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    I am using an older program from Cakewalk called "Pyro 5." It has a burn command and will convert and burn from mp3 or wav to a standard "Red book" audio CD. (Red book is the 44.1 Khz at 16bit word length used by audio CDs.)

    While I don't use Audacity I do have it on this computer so I just opened it and looked in "help" to see if the is a way to burn directly from Audaciy. Burn does not show up anywhere in the help index.

    You need an audio probgram that will let you burn to CD.

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      If you have the wav or mp3 files ready to make the cd you can just burn an audio cd using a normal burning software (eg. nero). In most normal cd burning software programs you first need to select what you want to make (i.e. cd rom, dvd video, audio cd etc) so select to make an audio cd and then you should see two windows (like in ftp software) one showing your computer hard drive files, and the other window showing the blank audio cd - just drag and drop the audio files you want from your hard drive into the blank audio cd window and then 'burn' the cd.
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    It's best to convert all your files to .wav format then use nero (or any other cd burning software) to create an "Audio CD".

    If you let the software convert the mp3 for you then you have little control of the quality of the wav file.

    If you're not too concerned about the quality of the wav file, then the easiest way would be to add the files, wav or mp3, to your itunes library, then create a new playlist and add the items you want to burn to it ..

    then just click on the "burn cd" button and you should have a playable audio cd.
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      Haven't tried it with a wav file, but Windows Media Player burns mp3 files onto audio CD for me with no problem...

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