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by 2 comments me naive. I wrote a series of ebooks. And I had a handful of people volunteer (yes, volunteer) to read them and then provide a testimonial for the website.

Each of these people had 2 weeks, maybe more, to read the books. And yet several have completely flaked.

I know it's a numbers game...with a lot of things in life. And getting testimonials seem to be one of them.

I'll toot my own horn and say the ebooks are easy to read and great material overall. Heck, I'm a professional writer and I was writing about something I have first-hand experience with. So it's not like the ebooks sucked and the people were wary to provide a quote to use.

I have pushed the deadline back for getting the site up at least three times now. Seriously, I need at least one more testimonial for the site to look "right" due to the way my web guy designed it. But I'm about to launch with one will look weird, but I'm at my wit's end.

Any tips for the future as to how to get testimonials, in a timely manner, from people who won't flake?
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    No, sorry. I don't know that testimonials have ever induced me to buy a book. I look at the author, the subject and the experience.
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      I would rather launch a product with fewer testimonials than wait for these people to turn up.

      Your personality and presentation is worth as much as testimonials.

      I sell a product from a sales page with only 2 testimonials. they are short and authentic. But it is my story that sells the ebook.

      I would just press the button and run with it as you are

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