Best Internet Marketing Video....EVER

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If you didn't already get the email with this have to see it lmao

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  • Profile picture of the author Eric Louviere
    Man, I just watched that... fricken hilarious.
    great going Kern!

    However, the friend thing did not work and
    I'm left hanging wondering what the heck

    Kern? send me the link to the rest of the
    video DUDE!

  • Profile picture of the author Zulfus
    I easily just burned an hour reading that sales page.. Copy at it's best

  • Profile picture of the author garyv
    That was crazy! - Outstanding!
  • Profile picture of the author rocker123
    thanks a bunch!
    • Profile picture of the author Jeremy Kelsall
      I would seriously give my left nut to follow Frank around for a week and just see what he goes through to come up with some of this stuff.

      This guy is such an awesome marketer in my opinion because he finds ways to make it so damn entertaining that even though you know you are being sold to, you still can't take your eyes off of what he is doing.

      Starting tomorrow, I am going to start carrying around a Frank Kern lunch box. Superman and Spider Man don't have anything on this guy.

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