did you see a spam post a moment ago?

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I just seen a spam post a moment ago on Samsung product. It was reported and within the next 5 seconds it is gone.

I want to take this chance to compliment that the admin and the moderators of Warrior Forum are doing a fantastic job.

I know it is not easy to be taking care of this forum all the time.

3 Cheers for you guys: Hip Hip Hurray!

Thanks to Allen and team for working so hard!

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    Thanks John but actually you are the ones that make them vanish like that. If enough report on something is vanishes from sight and we just come along later and delete it, and the poster.

    We still have stuff to do but nothing like before...
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    Really, if they just knew how pointless it was to spam here they wouldn't even try. Virtually all spam is gone within seconds. I've never even actually seen a live one.

    They are always put into moderation by members reporting on them and waiting on me when I finally see them.
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      You are welcome Allen...thanks for everything you and your team have done for us.

      In fact, Bev Clement is the one who has influenced me to take good care of our community. =)


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