Help Traffic Spike---From Where?

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Okay, I know getting traffic is a good thing but over the last few days I have been getting some serious spikes in my traffic.

About every 3-4 days for the last 2 weeks (started the 15th) I have been averaging 150 UVs for the day, when my typical UV is only around 30 (this is a new site). Problem is I can't figure out what it is I did, or didn't do. ALL of the traffic on these days is direct link to the site. I have checked analytics and stat counter, both of which are installed on the site and both just show direct links.

I have Google alerts set up for the site and I am not getting any major emails filled with sites that have picked up articles or links to it for those days so I am stumped.

Any other thoughts how I can figure out where this traffic is coming from?
(I even have my PPC campaigns on pause because I am doing just fine without them with these spikes, so it is not PPC traffic.)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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    Do you have CPanel access to the account? If so, I'd suggest going in and clicking on the "Lastest Visitor' icon. That will show you a raw lag file dump of visitors to your site. You can look at the referrer URL to see if there's anything there that isn't being picked up by your other stats programs. You will also be able to see if it's a particular browser (like AOL or something) or maybe notice something else strange. HTH
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      Ummm... you should really have Google analytics installed so you know exactly where all your traffic is coming from. That is really vital information.

      Sometimes I find I'm on the top of the second page for a keyword that get's thousands of searches per month. It's like sitting on a goldmine and not knowing it. A little extra SEO and I'm kicking butt on the term.

      But in the meantime, you can check your Awstats (it's possible you needed to activate it in advance of the traffic) in C-panel and see where the SE searches and links are coming from.
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    Thank you very much. It seems any traffic I get from AOL and Alexa isn't being picked up as such from the other analytics programs but it all made sense looking at it in Cpanel. Thanks again.

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    I had it once...

    Traffic spike for about 1 week plus.

    All of them from direct type in.

    I figured that someone have advertised offline and entered the wrong URL, and I get to benefit.

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