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In case you missed it - Article Writing Open Mic
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    That's not a real Open Mic Night. So, who's gonna use this opportunity to give him what he really asked for? A one man show of King Lear spoken in a thick Australian accent. Snaps only please, no applause.
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    He's allowing you to ask questions and he's answering them. Sounds like an open mic night to me.

    And he's planning to charge more for the Premium membership. $197/month. Ouch.
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      $197 a month now that's going to be interesting....

      Frank Bruno
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      Originally Posted by Chris Hunter View Post

      Premium membership. $197/month. Ouch.
      That means they're being inundated at the current price. More power to 'em for charging what the market will bear. Supply and demand at its best. I'm content to keep a steady flow of daily articles going in and not paying for super-fast approval. What do I care if an article I wrote 2-3 days ago sits? The ones I wrote a couple days before that are going live at the same time. Nothing lost in the long run.

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    Christopher Knight also mentioned that the Premium service will have added benefits to make the price increase - Article Writing Open Mic

    Also, he states that they plan to no longer allow editing of an already apporved and live article - Article Writing Open Mic

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