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Hello Warriors.

I have one product to sell and hoping to create a list by selling it.

How do I automatically subscribe them after purchase?

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    Put an opt-in form on the download page and
    ask them to subcribe to get notified for future

    I'm not sure how you can "automatically" add
    them to a list. Wouldn't that be considered as
    spamming if you add them to a list without
    their knowledge?
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    Now to do it depends on your ecommerce software. Ideally your software automatically subscribes them to your email list. Meaning: automatically posting the name and email to your autoresponder software after the sale.

    I recommend to use double opt-in, since they do not subscribe manually they should not end up getting emails unless they want to. Success rate will be better if you put some thought in the confirmation email text.

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      I'm pretty sure I've seen (but don't yet know how it's done)
      web page order forms that have one or more check boxes that
      enables a customer to simultaneously subscribe various lists.
      Put a little blurb around the check box to give them a reason
      to join your list.

      Seems like a natural, especially if you want to subscribe
      them to multiple lists. But it should work if you've got them
      as a customer and want to subscribe them to your main list

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    The program I use for my sites also allows a survey form. This is also bringing results and the list grows as people respond.

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