How to improve Google Adwords quality score?

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My name is Omar. I own some websites and right now run various ppc ads using google adwords. The main problem I've encountered is ALL my keywords say "poor" in the quality score column. I have tried everything stated in google's webmaster help page to improve the score and nothing! Some of my ads are not even running because of this issue.

any thoughts?
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    1. Divide your keywords up into more targeted ad groups.
    I prefer 4 or 5 keywords per ad group. Some people do more than this.

    Ad Group
    how to attract a woman
    attracting a women
    men attracting women
    find and attract a woman

    2.Make sure your ad is relevant by incorporating your keywords in the headline and in the ad. Why?

    You have a better shot at getting your ads clicked when the keyword that's being searched for is in your ad. Remember: the more often your ads get clicked per page impression, the higher your Click Through Rate (CTR). The higher your (CTR)... the higher your quality score. Also, you should include your keyword in your Url.

    3.Always split test your ads. My advice is to write 3 ads per ad group. You want to write ads that outperform your top ad... make it a competition.


    Ad 1 9% CTR
    AD 2 3% CTR
    AD 3 2% CTR

    Ads 2 and 3 need to be re-written as many times as possible to surpass the CTR of ad 1

    4.Test your matching options

    keyword-Broad Match
    [keyword]-Exact Match
    "keyword"-Phrase Match
    -keyword-negative match

    You have to do some experimenting with this in order to find out what matching option receives the best CTR

    In my case I only use phrase matching in my campaigns but you have to learn what works best for you.

    5. Incorporating your keywords into your landing page increases your relevance.

    6. Use Google's Site Related Keyword Tools to see what they think of your sites relevancy.

    Honestly dude... this information is only scratching the surface. If you want more info, send me a PM and I will give you more detailed stuff to help you with your PPC efforts.
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    Hi Omar,

    Sometimes the poor quality score can have more to do with your landing page than anything else.

    Take note of everything Marc Anthony mentions above, and then check out your landing pages and make sure that you have your keyword mentioned on there a few times. Also, it's hyper important to make sure there are a lot of related keywords there too, so you can show google that your page is super relevant to anyone who clicks the ad.

    You can use a free service like to give you instant lists of related keywords.

    Lastly, make sure your landing page has everything Google want in terms of privacy policy pages, terms of service, disclaimers etc. Also, you'll boost the quality score even higher if you have other pages on your site with some actual useful content linking to your landing page.

    Hope that's useful, good luck

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    This crap happened to me. It's probably your landing page.

    I had to add all the "contact us" and do a bunch of other
    stuff I never paid attention to.

    Its still gonna take a while before they rescore you so
    the best thing for you to do is grab the .net to all your
    domains and load your landing pages on there and start
    new campaigns.

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    Thanks, seems I have a lot of work to do.

    So I guess if you own a website made completely in flash, you are screwed as adwords wont find any content on your site.
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    Try to avoid flash though if you want to be fully indexed.

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