how do i really increase traffic to my website? need help!

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currently the traffic to our site is approximately:

- 1500 daily visitors
- 25000 page views
- 60, 000 daily hits

and the marketing we do is:

1) Go article submission daily (site disallowed from ezine)
2) socially bookmark the article
3) write daily blog post
4) ping the blog url on to all the networks on
5) also use pingomatic for blog url
6) have a squidoo lens that has rank 0f 4793 & 188 in music & tweak this
7) forum posts in Wf & DP
8) socially bookmark deeper pages of the site about once a week.
9)we have only created social networking accounts like facebook, myspace, friendster as dont really know how to market on them to be honest.

we have had this strategy in place for 3 weeks now as we recently purchased the site & it is fairly new too. the traffic has remained constant & only slightly increasing. Is it too early to see a big difference in traffic, do we have to wait months before traffic really starts coming through? or is strategy flawed? what more can we do to really increase traffic? there is a site called which has 300,000 page views almost daily how can we achieve this too?
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    Build more pages and more back links to your website. Don't expect to get the plenty of visitors as you like in short period of time. If you do fast linking, google may frown upon your website and sandbox it.

    There is really no fast way to get traffic than PPC.

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      thanks for the reply,
      So what do you think of what we are already doing, is this right? is ths enough?

      how do i build more pages to the website?

      and how can i build more backlinks? i thought when i socially bookmark the go article i wrote this would do it?

      we are looking for free ways rather than paying please.
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    Yes, submit to several directories. You can rewrite the original article after you submit it to GoArticles, but I don't think it's worth the time. Others here will disagree, probably, so don't take my words as gospel.

    Since you can't use EzineArticles, I would just write an article, then submit that same article to all the directories on my list. Nothing works as well as EzineArticles, so you need the combination of all the others to get anything close to the same results you would from just EzineArticles alone.

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      ok so that same article i have submitted to "go" i shall submit elsewhere to companies you listed in your post to achieve traffic & backlinks.

      but do you think this will work? will this really increase the traffic? & backlinks? how long do you think it wil be before the Pr increases?

      i really desperately want to increase the traffic to the site & want focused, free ways of doing this.
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    That's a good list - thanks!
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    This should help you get some ideas...
    eXTReMe Tracking

    Here's a squatter's trick too...
    AdBrite - Advertise on Music Dumper

    No AdWords advertisers for "Music Dumper" or the domain name with roughly 3000 searches/m. As well, no Adwords competition for with roughly 60K searches/m (Resource - Google Keyword Tool)

    Music Dumper has a community whereas, you do not.... yet.

    Your template is a carbon copy of Music Dumper & MP3-Codes (consider originality/useability/freshness).

    I noticed a lot of email referral traffic to Music Dumper... not sure if your site has the ability to email to a list advising of new tracks or if the existing community has the ability to email tracks from your site to their friends - (Think Viral).

    YouTube - Put a video response up for all the top videos of the week with a tonne of views and link back to your site... include the lyrics too...

    Advertise and/or participate in forum discussions at artists fan sites.

    Advertise on - Upload. Listen. Share. as they serve ads for Music Dumper and have better traffic.

    Cool browser real estate branding idea - Toolbar - Download - mp3 codes, music codes, lyrics, song lyrics, free lyrics, top lyrics, testiflash, song lyrics, opm music, free songs, free music, orkut, friendster, filipino *** notice the keywords used ***

    Get quality inbound links / get reviewed - Mp Codes (www mp3-codes com) Reviews

    Here is an idea of what you'll be working toward - [Alexa 5k+] - WebsiteBroker - Buy and sell websites!

    I noticed that MP3-Codes has a large Philipino population - consider regional/ethnic marketing in your traffic plan.

    That's a start anyway.
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      thanks for your reply,

      i dont think musicdumper emails i think friends do on the forums/community but how can we make it viral? by setting up a chat room? creating a community then?

      yes mp3-codes & musisdumper the sites have brilliant traffic but im just not sure how to get it! i dont know how to achieve this because 300,000 visits is massive

      does anybody here know how?
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    Tune into this free teleseminar on Saturday:

    You'll have
    -> Joel Comm
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    All sharing our best traffic tactics, just to prove
    how smart we are :-)

    It's actually the front end of an "All Star" competition.

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    yes but we need real traffic techniques, im looking to buy traffic.
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      Willie is one of the better internet marketers out there...listen to the guy and don't discount his advice.

      Originally Posted by Tuzic View Post


      yes but we need real traffic techniques, im looking to buy traffic.
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    We started using Peter Drews Rss software and are beta testing his new Bruteforce Seo software now for traffic. Both of these products have helped us signifigantly increase our traffic and our sales.

    We have been able to get several placements on the first page of google for keywords we were targeting.

    We also submit short 30 second videos to directories and have gotten first page organic rank on those as well, and quickly I must say. Like 24 hours later or less.
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    You could set up a Wordpress blog at and have some links to your site.

    It gets good organic traffic.
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      hi warriors,

      thanks for your advise & i certainly will be listening & watching Willie on hot to increase traffic i appreciate all the help i am getting here & i am definitely not discounting this at all.
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    You search for the best way here it is - Increase Your Website Traffic And Rating . You don't have to be a computer whiz to figure out how to use IncreaseSiteRating. Simply register in the system, enter your site URL, and lay back and see in a couple of days how your site rating is increasing!

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