Quick Traffic methods for simple sites?

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I have several simple ebay/amazon/adsense sites that I put together with the excellent "Content website builder" program (on site in my signature)

What traffic methods do you reccomend me to do with these sites, my plan is to unleash many of these sites so I dont want to concentrate on getting traffic to long on each sites.
So far I´ve done:

Search engine submissions
Social bookmarking
some directory submissions

and other quick methods you reccomend or is there anyone with similar sites that has a plan they follow.

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    Search engine submissions - good but not a must
    Social bookmarking - good
    some directory submissions - good

    Quick methods .. hmm ... PPC, WSO, Email marketing ?

    Semi-quick: article marketing, video marketing, posting comments on other's blogs?
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    If you have adsense on your websites you shouldn't run ppc though...
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    Relevant Forums.

    Traffic + Linkage.
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    You shouldn't hope you get (important) backlinks from forums/blogs.

    Most forums (including this one) have PR0 on their inner page.

    Most forums have no-follow enabled.

    Up to you
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    Well, you still get the traffic from the forum, although the links won't count in the SE's.
    But if you have a lot of small websites in different niches, i'm not sure forums and blogs are the way to go, unless you know a lot about each of your niches.
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    Article marketing is the quickest and probably the most value for your time spent. It can provide quick clickthrough traffic and long term seo links.
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    I agree on the articles. Submit some good original content to the top 5-10 aritcle directories.
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    Have you looked at this thread,many, many traffic genreating ideas all in one place


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    You shouldnt chase PR. There's a lot more important things than that.

    Turn your google toolbar off. Just get links, as long as they're not dodgy, and the page has been indexed by google.
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      Start submitting articles and get backlinks. Submit multiple articles over time on different subject in each niche. So if have 5 websites, try and come up with different subject matter for each website and submit them to multiple article sites (5-10).

      If you can find sites that have good/high PR that are in your niche, post on those sites and popular blogs in your niche. Post often with relevant comments and you'll get people clicking on your links.

      Look for popular forums in your niche. Get a feel for what they are talking about and get involved.

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